At Keele Warehousing & Logistics, we know how important it is to protect your business. With high-quality security solutions and fire prevention services, we are committed to safeguarding your inventory and giving you peace of mind.

Our warehouse is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with rapid-response security protection, superior alarm services and modern fire retention tools regarded as the most effect methods of protecting your merchandise.

  • 24/7 surveillance
  • Rapid response security protection and superior alarm services
  • Fully automatic fire sprinkler systems designed with extra pressure to quickly control a fire
  • Sanitation services ensure our facility is kept clean and pest-free


100% on ALL NSF Cook & Thurber Food Safety, Sanitation and Quality Audit Standards

Keele Warehousing & Logistics recently matched our outstanding NSF Cook & Thurber Warehouse and Distribution Center Food Safety, Sanitation and Quality Audit score of 97%. We are continuously trying to improve our systems and this years excellent rating is a result of our commitment to excellence.

Download Audit Report for 2018/2019: Download

Download Audit Report for 2017: Download

2018/2019 Audit Report Highlights

  • Rodent and Pest Control Management - 100%
  • Administration and Regulatory Compliance - 100%
  • HACCP Management - 100%
  • Facilities and Equipment - 100%
  • Sanitation, Housekeeping and Hygiene - 100%
  • Approved Suppliers, Receiving and Inventory Control - 100%
  • Process and Product Evaluation - 100%
  • Storage and Shipping - 100%
  • Training Requirements - 100%
  • Packaging and Labeling - 100%
  • Food Defence - 100%


Employee Certification

Our commitment to employing and working with certified professionals guarantees Keele Warehousing & Logistics will - provide your business with a seamless transaction from start to finish. Our employees are dedicated to ethical and quality standards which ensures the highest level of service to you.

  • Certified Forklift Operators
  • Employees are TDG Certified in Handling Hazardous Materials