Transportation - Toronto, Ontario

Keele Warehousing and Logistics manages all aspects of your freight and transportation requirements. Transportation services are handled professionally, with accuracy and economy as the driving force in our commitment. Our freight program is integrated with your warehousing protocol and all billing is from one source.

Contact us regarding customized transportation rates for your transportation and shipping requirements.

Keele Warehousing and Logistics isolates geographic corridors and builds strategic supplier alliances to service those corridors. This strategy allows us to negotiate transportation rates based on our consolidated volume and pass these transportation savings on to you.


Strategic alliances promote high quality and innovative problem solving, providing on-time, reliable transportation services by leading carriers.

We are able to accommodate all sizes of shipments from small parcel to full loads. We reach all transportation points across Canada and the United States including import and export freight.

Contact us about our special transportation services: expedited shipments, heated or refrigerated, tailgate, appointments, dangerous goods, and more.